While there are no end to the types and varieties of fantastic Le Marche wines, we thought you may like to know about our local wine maker – Cantina Saputi. Situated in Colmurano, Cantina Saputi is a simple ten minute drive from Bellavallone.

Cantina Saputi is a family run business and was started in the sixties with a strong focus on the rural traditions of Le Marche. Founded by Mr Angelo, the grandfather, the farm has been passed on from father to son and nowadays it is in its fourth generation. Alvaro, the present owner, helped by his sons Leonardo and Andrea, has made Saputi’s name well known nationally and internationally in the eno-gastronomic field.
 The philosophy of casa vinicola Saputi sits well in the context of Colmurano, by combining tradition, innovation, new technology, experience and knowledge. The farm is still in the place where the business was born and developed, and retains strong links to the old and native settlement of Colmurano, called “Castru Vecchiu” since Piceni’s time. For this reason, Castru Vecchiu has became the name of Saputi’s first product range.

The winery itself extends into the inland area of the province of Macerata, and sits about 400 meters above sea level and some 30 km from the sea, overlooking the Sibillini mountains. The location of the land is mostly hilly with vineyards exposed to the sun. Moved by a love of the land and for the vineyards, in April 2013, the Saputi family began a transformation from conventional farming to organic farming.

In the years 2011 and 2012, Leonardo Saputi, head of the vineyards, had already begun to introduce biological management. In recent years, the indigenous grape varieties selected by the family have proven to be resistant to the major pests and parasites thanks to the territory, the exposure of the vineyards towards the sun, the wind and the micro-climate.
 Another reason that prompted the family to cultivate organic grapes, free from pesticides and chemicals, is love, not only towards the vineyards, but also to their children and future generations. 
In 2016 the Saputi family will obtain certification and the ability to describe their wines with the label ‘organic product’.

Cantina Saputi has a wide range of both reds and whites, many of which have won awards. There is a range of 'Collection' Wines which are 'Entry Level' Wines, and are
 very fragrant, floral and fruity with a lively and young taste. The grapes are obtained from early harvests and are free from ageing in oak. Wines in this category include a Colli Maceratasi 'Monte Nereto', a Rosso Piceno 'Monte Nereto and a Verdicchio Classico “Giuvi'


The range of 'Selection' Wines are harvested from the best vineyards, utilising the best and most careful winemaking techniques, taken from the best vintages and using the finest and most elegant oak barrels. There are six wines in this category including a Colli Maceratasi Ribona 'Castru Vecchiu', a Passerina '1 Senso' and a Verdicchio Superiore ' Cantavino'

There is also a sparkling Colli Maceratsai 'Ribona Spumanti and two different types of Grappa, a Maceratasi Ribona 'Castru Vecchiu' and a Rosso Piceno 'Castra Vecchiu. If you have never tried Grappa before we suggest you do so to get a further taste of the real Italy.

We have had guests from as far away as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa who have their own vineyards at home and travel to Italy to find growers who will supply them with local Le Marche wines. Saputi has consistently been a favourite of all who visit.

In the wine shop in Colmurano, you can enjoy the entire collection of Saputi wines and visit the winery. We would recommend however that you go for a 'tasting' evening, where you can sample the range of wines accompanied by local cheeses and meat. We can book a tasting for you any evening except Saturday and Sunday. When they know you are staing at Bellavallone you will receive a warm greeting and, in all likelihood, a discount on any purchase you make.



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